So who is Cathy Richardson? And what does she actually do?

Cathy says: “My aim and mission is to help the people who work with me to find knowledge, calm and a stress-busting connection between their minds and bodies. I am a business and performance coach, public speaker, recruitment expert and yoga teacher. Combining all my skills and experience, gained over many years of working as a HR and Recruitment Consultant to the manufacturing and engineering sectors, gives my clients a real advantage in achieving their personal, career and organisational goals.”


Cathy Richardson I encountered mindfulness when I was introduced to Cognitive Behavioural Psychology. Based on the teachings of Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, the focus of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is awareness, and living in the moment. This was further cemented through my yoga practice.

Everything is linked. Discovering the connection between how I think, how I feel and how it influences my behavior was a true light bulb moment for me!

This is what I bring to my coaching, whether it is working with a group, and individual or a team. A counsellor gives solutions. A coach, on the other hand, guides the coachee to find their own solution. Whether this about eliminating limiting behaviours or beliefs to improve performance, or developing the necessary coping mechanisms to handle change successfully: Operating from a mindful place of awareness delivers lasting results, and empowers people to make their own changes.

HR Consultancy, Recruitment and Retention

My own career spans a lifetime of working in the commercial recruitment sector. I have had the benefit of recruiting for some of the largest and most inspirational employer brands in the UK, working closely with their senior managers on the UK and Europe to resource, recruit and retain the highest calibre of staff.

This later developed into becoming involved in strategic talent acquisition, not just resourcing and recruiting but also getting involved in the selection process. I have written and delivered graduate assessment centres, senior management assessment programs, and recruitment projects across Europe.

Operating as a key part of the management team, my skills and knowledge in this sector has delivered numerous successful and cost-efficient recruitment programs.

More information about this part of my business can be found on the recruitment website at


Cathy Richardson delivers a presentation at Camberley Speakers, a Toastmasters clubCommunications Coaching and Training

I am passionate about training and development. I have successfully written and delivered several in-house programs on change management, presentation skills, stress management, recruitment and selection, using social media efficiently, and also on several soft skills programs.

Rooted in practical experience and always focused on matching the learning outcomes with organisational objectives, I am sensitive to the commercial needs of every business I work with. I care about creating high quality content and delivering this in the shortest possible time to maximise learning outcomes.

It is important for me that my clients achieve their objectives, and that every moment they spend on self-development deliver real ROI in their business or personal lives.


Cathy Richardson, master coach, keynote speaker and presentations skills coach, HR and recruitment consultant, yoga teacherYoga and stress management

I have first-hand experience of the negative impacts of stress in the workplace. My own yoga journey started at a time of redundancy and stress-related illness. I can truly say that yoga changed my life! I was so inspired by the change in myself, that I qualified as an RYT200 yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance to bring yoga to my clients. Find out more about this exciting venture at

I combine the benefits of cognitive awareness based on the breath and focusing inside the body with my corporate yoga offering. Yoga is a brilliant tool for releasing stress, and the philosophies fit very comfortably alongside the cognitive coaching outlook. The aim is always to achieve organisational objectives whilst respecting and working gently with the varying demands of each individual on the program, whether this is a weekly corporate yoga class, a team-building activity or a yoga-based stress release and recovery program.


This is what I share with my clients:performance coaching and HR consultancy, london, South East

The secret to having it all is to have time for yourself, even at the busiest and most stressful times. Keeping sight of yourself as an entity within your goals is making the best of what you have. With the right attitude and a mindset of gratitude, you can achieve superhuman results. I know how to do this – I did it for myself. Walk with me on this part of your journey. You will end up a lot farther ahead than if you walked on your own.

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