For many years, I have listened to employers give feedback about how candidates performed in the recruitment process, and I have listened to the frustrations of those candidates trying to engage with the continually changing world of work, and finding jobs in a depressed and complciated market.

10 years ago, buying the paper on a Thursday was pretty much a guarantee of finding something suitable. Now, the entire jobs market has moved online.

In this book, I demystify the process and give tips and advice about how to:

  • Get your mindset right for finding your new job
  • Engaging with recruitment agencies – What to expect, and how to get the best results
  • How to find the best possible online opportunites using jobs boards
  • Writing a CV that suits the online recruitment process
  • Performing well at interviews
  • Dealing with feedback

This is a rare opportunity to get knowledge based on 20 years of experience, from a professional Recruiter who has placed thousands of people into work at all levels. For only £9-50 including VAT, this book will help you get to grips with everything you need to know, in simple language.

Order now to get your copy.

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It might just be the best career investment you have ever made!