We all find ourselves in a hole sometimes – Most often one that we dug ourselves!

This is a particularly useful form of consultancy for high performing sales or business people, sports people or competitive individuals who want more from themselves.

Issues like perfectionism, procrastination or being overly competitive can seriously limit an individual’s ability to perform and achieve his/her full potential. Based on the power of cognitive psychology and mindfulness, I can help you to overcome limiting behaviours.

  • Focussing on your own self-talk and actions, we work together to put you in a position of power from which to operate at your optimum best.
  • Using the principles of yogic breathing, we develop your own strategies to manage stress, fear and anxiety
  • Learning to be in the moment and cultivating an attitude of gratefulness, is a proven way of managing expectations and accepting reasonable, objective standards for ourselves.

Simply put: I can get you out of that hole! Without too much fuss or bother, the aim is to help you find the compassion for yourself to not allow yourself back into the hole.