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Welcome to the first post of an exciting and hopefully, inspirational blog series!

The one truth in life, is that we start going backwards as soon as we stop learning. And as soon as we have learnt something, the knowledge starts to deteriorate as our brains replace neurons and cells. The only way to keep everything fresh and in the forefront of our ever busy minds, is to keep the learning going. And the best way to achieve this, is to practice.

“Practice, practice, and all is coming” –  These are the words of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, father of the Ashtanga yoga tradition.

I believe this to be true. If you keep practicing long enough, whatever you seek will come to you: Playing a difficult musical instrument like the piano, achieving a challenging yoga posture like the headstand, or mastering a challenging personal skill like speaking in public without visible nerves or changing limiting behaviours in order to achieve new successes. Practice makes perfect, in the true sense of the word.

So this blog is going to be, essentially, about practicing to be awesome.

Keeping going when things are tough. Celebrating the small wins. Accepting the inevitable failures. Learning form these failures.

Mindfully, carefully, consciously becoming better and better at whatever we seek to achieve, until the sheer awesomeness of life and potential is no longer just an idea, but a reality.

I hope to inspire, motivate, communicate and connect with this blog. Long may it live!

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